FinTech Group AG sells Aktionärsbank to Obotritia Capital KGaA and starts strategic partnership


  • Obotritia Capital KGaA acquires Aktionärsbank from FinTech Group AG
  • FinTech Group also wins Obotritia as new customer, as its subsidiaries Bank biw AG and XCOM AG will act as white-label service and technology provider
  • Under the new branding “Bankhaus Obotritia” the bank will launch new business models in commercial real estate financing

Frankfurt am Main, Germany – FinTech Group AG (WKN 524 960, ISIN: DE0005249601, FLA.GR) launches a strategic partnership with Obotritia Capital KGaA and its General Partner Rolf Elgeti. In this context, Obotritia Capital acquires Aktionärsbank from FinTech Group. Based on Aktionärsbank‘s full-service banking license Obotritia Capital will kick off new commercial real estate financing activities under the new brand name “Bankhaus Obotritia”. FinTech Group will service all technical and regulatory operations by providing the banking system of its subsidiaries Bank biw AG and XCOM AG under a white-label banking agreement. This underscores the importance of the white label banking business within FinTech Group.

Furthermore, joint financing rounds for commercial real estate are an option in the future. Both sides agreed not to disclose the purchasing price. The acquisition is subject to the approval of the relevant regulators.

”We are very pleased with this strategic partnership. The transaction also goes to show that our well-rounded profile – boasting excellence in both fin and tech – positions FinTech Group as the ideal partner for all financial institutions”, comments Frank Niehage, CEO of FinTech Group AG.

“The divestment of our subsidiary Aktionärsbank is also the final step of the reorganization of our group which has started with the takeover of XCOM AG und biw AG in 2015.”

The divestment of Aktionärsbank marks the closure of a one-year concentration process during which FinTech Group AG has reduced the number of its banking licenses from four to one: In June 2015, FinTech Group AG has licensed its CFD operations to Commerzbank AG. It also allowed its online brokerage unit flatex to use the full-service banking license of Bank biw AG, which now serves as the backbone for all banking operations within FinTech Group.

The divestment of Aktionärsbank and the long term strategic partnership with Obotritia as a technology- and white label banking service provider now results in further cost reductions of a significant seven-digit-million euro figure annually and also maximize synergies.

About FinTech Group AG

FinTech Group AG (WKN: 524 960, ISIN: DE0005249601, Ticker Symbol: FLA:GR) is one of the most significant innovative financial technology companies in Europe. Our B2C brands service a total of 200,000 private clients. Likewise, our B2B business lines are important technology partners for German and international banks and financial institutions.

Our preliminary EBITDA 2015 is EUR 19 million. Our wholly owned subsidiary flatex GmbH has been one of the innovation leaders in the German online brokerage market for years. About 150,000 private clients both in Germany and internationally have chosen flatex’ clear and transparent pricing model.

XCOM AG, in which we hold a majority interest, was founded in 1988 and is a German pioneer in the area of financial technology. Today, XCOM AG is one of the most successful software and technology providers for banks and financial institutions.

biw Bank für Investments und Wertpapiere AG, which is also belongs to FinTech Group, has a full-service banking license and is the group wide backbone of our banking services. It also serves as outsourcing partner for other well-known banks (“white label banking services”) and is one of the most modern online banks in Europe.

FinTech Group AG is also an important partner for many young fintech companies in the upand-coming German start-up scene, who benefit from our innovative profile.