Why Early Development Of Writing Skills Is Important

Why Early Development Of Writing Skills Is Important

It is known that every skill must be developed and trained from early ages. The brain of a young child is very plastic so it can absorb new information and establish unique ability in a much shorter time than an adult. Children in elementary school are keener to reading books and essay writing, so this is important to pay attention to developing literacy as soon as possible.

Reading and writing is a fundamental skill of our humanity, so it must be taken seriously early in the classroom of elementary school. Later reading and writing skills will be used as standard tools when studying other subjects. Comprehensive digital technologies are changing the way we are communicating and learning, but it seems that without reading and writing, there will be no way to push forward.

Writing skills before the digital age

Before computers and mobile phones, usually, people would use handwriting to send messages, letters to each other. We were used to reading handwritten essays at school, write assignments. Our brain and hands were used to such form of communicating. Printed information was available in the books, official documents and newspapers and magazines.

There is no doubt that mastering handwriting is very beneficial to brain development, and this is an essential skill to learn. Writing helps to soak information better as the process is closely related to mechanical movement of hand and pen. Handwriting involves a significant area of the brain to perform it correctly. The only downside of handwriting is that it takes a longer time and is very personal. Sometimes one cannot read the other had written. The clarity of written text usually depends on how fast you write and skill. Even earlier schools were more strict on how education was organized. In many cases, classes were divided into single-sex groups for better concentration and discipline. However, education in those days was more privilege than necessity.

Effect of digital communications

Today school life is very different. From elementary school, kids are used to accomplishing tasks much faster. On each desk, there is a computer, a smartphone in the pocket. Information is accessible within few mouse clicks. Most of the schools are very liberal about how kids are performing their homework. Usually, to save time, class assignments are accomplished in digital form even without printing. In high school, even students often trick and can do their homework with the help of services such as https://mypaperdone.com/pay-someone-to-write-my-research-paper instead of doing it themselves.

Digital typing is way faster than handwriting because, with a single push button, you get a letter, and with modern suggestion tools, you may end up with a single word. With typing, you can write longer texts much faster. However, faster typing doesn’t mean that you are better at writing. Method of writing is just another tool on how words are placed on paper. But this is merely related to writing skills.

The core of writing skills

Mastering an excellent writing skill is challenging as it requires dedication, time, and guidance. Multiple studies suggest that mastering writing skills at early ages benefit in better literacy and communication capabilities. Children with better writing skills have better success in later education and career.

A good writer may have some superpower to write in the way so everyone would enjoy reading. There is no doubt that there are plenty of people who can write better than other right away. But if you dig deeper you will see that those people love reading all time, they take notes, fill diaries. These necessary activities not only rise imagination but also help develop better writing strategies, planning and organizing.

Kids who learn writing complex sentences at early ages will be able to write a complete paragraph at once as they grow. Elementary education should help students to learn how to organize ideas into logical sequences, take notes and write down so they could communicate in written form in detail and elaboration. The quality of writing, detailing and writing strategies should develop as student grow. After graduation, and when entering the workspace, writing must evolve into meaningful, idea-rich and accurate writing.

Writing after school

Sometimes it may seem that there is not much writing involved when people finish school or graduate college. Developed literacy is always a powerful tool in all aspects of life. There are many areas where writing and understating of complex text can release from unnecessary stresses. The most basic example is applying for a job. With excellent writing skills, you will have no problem to fill job application, write a resume and formal letter. Unbelievable how many people are afraid to write their resume, but rather seek for a professional writer to do for them. Lack of communication abilities not only lead to less change get hired, but also cost additional money.

Another great area where writing skills are necessary is the internet. Almost everyone has joined one or another social network where the primary form of communication is writing. If you want to keep up with others, you will eventually need to write a post, comment on other thoughts. Even from a single post or comment, it is effortless to spot people who lack writing skills. It is more pleasant to read the post from skillful writers who are capable to organize their thoughts in to clean and coherent story.


No matter where you live and what is your job, reading and writing will always be a part of your life. The earlier those skills are developed, the better and less stressful your future be. If you are a parent, do not skip this critical step – encourage your children to read more books, encourage to write, take notes, express ideas in written form. This way, you will make a massive difference to their future.

People with excellent writing skills will always have a better chance of developing their dream career, communicating with exciting and professional people.

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