How to Clean Your Offices Correctly

Ensuring that your office spaces are clean is paramount to maintaining employee and visitor safety, especially due to current events. Here’s how you can keep your offices clean and maintained properly with these steps.

Office Cleaning

Know when to clean and when to disinfect

When you clean down a surface or item with a solution that contains soap or another detergent, this reduces the number of germs on the surface and removes contaminants. This can also help to weaken any virus particles that might be harbouring on the surfaces and decreases the chance of infection.

Whereas disinfecting will help to kill any remaining germs on the surface and further reduce the risk of spreading any viruses. You can’t just disinfect to remove dirt; you will need to clean the surface down beforehand. But it’s good practice to disinfect surfaces regularly even if they don’t look unclean.

This is because things like door handles, coffee machines, seats, desks, and computers and their accessories are often touched by multiple people in any one day. This will help stunt the spread of any harmful bacteria.

Determine what needs to be cleaned.

Think about the items in your office and who uses them. How often are these surfaces touched? In general, the more a surface is touched, or an item is used by multiple people, the higher the risk is of spreading infection.

Therefore, you should prioritise the cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces. These areas should be cleaned at least once a day, but ideally as frequent as possible. Environments that have children or those with a weakened immune system within them should clean more frequently to avoid additional spreading.

Encourage your staff to disinfect the areas they use as they go along and install hand sanitizer points throughout the office. This should be especially encouraged if hot desking is in place and social distancing is hard to adhere to.

Know which products are best to use.

Knowing how to clean properly and what to use will save any germs being left behind and prevent you from causing any damage to electrical equipment or items that can become easily tarnished and react with the cleaning chemicals.

Ensure that all products powered by electricity are switched off and unplugged before cleaning them to avoid any risk of electric shock. Once the power is off, begin by cleaning down the items on the desk with a disinfectant wipe or spray. Things like pens, notepads and other desk accessories should be cleaned this way.

Any marks or stains on the desk should be properly cleaned with a suitable detergent. Consider investing in specially formulated multi-purpose cleaners to make things easier and save carrying around many different solutions at one time.