Car Accidents Happen, But Can You Minimize your Financial Damage?

Car Accident

One day, like any other normal day of your life. You are leaving for your work, in your car. Halfway through the office, you are met with an accident. Luckily, you are safe but your car is totaled and the damage has been done. And the opposite party responsible for the accident is trying to shift all the blame on you, which is not the case. 

So, in this situation, what are you going to do? The proper way of dealing with these circumstances is to call your lawyer and who can effectively handle this matter. But in case you don’t have a car attorney, you could be in, big trouble. This is why you must have a car accident attorney who will fight for you. While it is true you can try to negotiate a settlement yourself, you are much likely to maximize your award and secure better financial compensation with a professional lawyer by your side. 

Here are the reasons why it makes much more sense for you to bring in leading personal injury attorneys to handle your car accident. Let’s carefully examine them.

When You Have to Settle the Claim With an Insurance Company  

Depending on which state you live in, insurance claim rules vary. This simply means that you have to turn to your insurance provider for benefits after an accident, doesn’t matter who is at fault. Keep in mind, your insurer will be the primary source of compensation after you get hurt or fall victim to property damages. 

Like any other business, all the insurance companies have one motive – and that is to maximize profits and minimize their losses by settling on the lowest claim amount possible. Paying out huge amounts of settlements when customers submit insurance claims doesn’t help the business. So they’ll do anything to pay you as little as possible – or probably nothing, at all. 

The best option for you is to bring in an attorney who is experienced in handling these complicated situations. Your attorney will be able to predict the insurer’s tactics and ultimately force them to play by the rules. 

You Are Falsely Blamed for Your Car Accident 

When you are in a car accident, the first thing you’ll notice is that no one wants to take responsibility for the accident. Everyone involved in the accident will try their best to put the blame on the other party, including their insurance providers. In that case, you need to be prepared to be accused of the accident, when you are not at fault. And if you choose to ignore these allegations and start the legal process without an experienced attorney, it could hurt you badly.  

By hiring an attorney you can protect yourself from these types of lawsuits. Your attorney will make sure that your case is thoroughly investigated from all the different angles. The main reason behind the investigation is to provide insight as to why the accident took place and who is at fault. That knowledge can be invaluable as you seek compensation. 

Your Accident Can Cause You Emotional and Physical Distress

After an accident, you become eligible to seek two types of compensatory damages: economic and non-economic. As the name suggests, economic damages are paid to settle up for injuries that have a specific cost or value. It mainly includes things like medical bills, the cost of repairing damaged property, or the amount of lost salary. 

Whereas, non-economic damages are paid to compensate for injuries that are subjective in nature. These are the injuries that have an impact on your mind rather than your body. They don’t have any set value to them and are much more complicated to calculate. They can vary extensively from one case to another. Non- economic damages include emotional distress (like PTSD, depression, anxiety), pain, and suffering. 

As non-economic damages are so difficult to value in financial terms, it is very important that you should work with an attorney when settling an insurance claim. As mentioned above, insurance companies and parties at fault will try to downplay the impact the injuries have on your life. Their first concern will be to minimize how much they are worth. Your car accident lawyer, with their team of experts, can fight to make sure that all your damages, including the mental distress you had to go through, are compensated correctly.

A personal injury lawyer has the skill to deal with all the legal innuendo, that may fall upon you after a car accident. Dealing with insurance companies on your own can hurt your case and can even prove you as a culprit, even when you are not. Make sure you hire an attorney to capably deal with legal issues.