4 Potential Jobs You Can Get With an MBA


Tons of people want to get an MBA. Some decide they want to take this path even before they graduate high school, others make the choice during undergrad and many only figure out their plans after spending a few years in the workforce.

Regardless of when, it’s easy to get knocked off track. Life gets in the way, priorities change or more pressing needs have to be addressed first. It’s easy to keep putting off for years. What most don’t realize, however, is that it is a lot more achievable than they think. So, exactly how long does it take to get an MBA online?

Those who study full time can have their MBA within two years. Even part-time students — a large percentage of people attend online, nights and weekends around their schedule — can finish in four years.

It isn’t easy, but given that salaries can be 50 percent higher for MBA holders in their next job, it’s usually worth the effort.

What jobs are out there? What fields can graduates hope to pursue? In general, most employers will be eager to hire someone with grad school on their resume, but the following list represents a few of the top options you can get with an MBA.

1. Marketing Manager

In a digital world with so much competition, every company now needs smart, capable managers who can oversee the channels that grow and retain customers. Most are looking for candidates with formal training — but also hires who didn’t graduate so long ago that their education is outdated. By getting an MBA now, in a program that embraces new digital channels and online ad networks, you will be an ideal fit for a range of marketing roles with lots of room for growth.

2. Financial Advisor/Manager

More and more people are eager to get involved in investing, and this leaves lots of room for opportunity in the financial advisor space. If you can get your foot in the door and work your way into a financial manager role for a company, the rewards are even better. The median salary for this profession in 2020 was $134,180 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3. Project Manager

Much like marketing, the world of project management is undergoing a sea change. The fundamental principles are much the same as ever, but new tools are up-ending how things are done. Those with MBA training and a proven ability to adapt to and thrive on new digital platforms are using their skills to improve efficiency and productivity for organizations. If you can learn what it takes for modern companies to get things done, this role offers lots of potential paths that span all industries.

4. Human Resources

All firms need HR personnel to manage employees. It isn’t always seen as an exciting role, but it is among the most stable and universal across the business world. These days, there are even specialist firms that solely offer this service as a third-party provider. As firms increasingly embrace the importance of culture and talent retention, this will continue to be an in-demand — and lucrative — field to pursue.

An Online MBA Opens Up So Many Options

If you’ve been seriously thinking about improving your future career potential, you may have been among those asking “can I get my MBA online?” You can, and it likely won’t take as long as you feared.

If higher salaries and more interesting opportunities sound great to you, consider getting an online MBA and looking for work as a marketing manager, financial advisor, project manager or HR professional. While these are just a few of the options out there, any of them could be the start of a fulfilling and rewarding career.